October Meeting: Powershell, WIMs, Applications, and a sprinkle of Intune


Time to meet again and to settle into what I hope is a successful pattern: local and remote experts sharing their experience. The line up for this event crosses a whole swath of technology that system admins use every day: Powershell, image customization and maintenance, application deployment, and increasingly … Intune.

We’ll start at noon with some legit tacos care of our sponsor Patch My PC and Taqueria San Jose. Then we’ll move into the real deal:

Donna Ryan: If Donna can script, so can you!

This presentation will cover the lessons learned over the course of the last three months as the speaker learned PowerShell. Topics to help step up your scripting game include creating functions (they help scripts function), parameters (you will probably want these), and logging (steal it with pride!). Plus, the tool she has been working on will be publicly demoed and released!

Chris Thomas: PowerShell Application Deployment Toolkit (PADT)

Even if you’re just starting to learn PowerShell, you can use this powerful toolkit and it’s array of functions to automate and self-document your application installations or workstation tweaks. Sure, SCCM can take an MSI and make your life easier, but what if that teacher wants the shortcut moved or the uninstaller removed from the start menu. PADT can help make your life even easier by enabling you to have better interaction with your users, simplify your deployment tasks and standardize your deployment methodology.

Maurice Daly: How I got Intuned

A long time ConfigMgr expert and MVP three years running, Maurice has spent most of this year helping both small and large enterprise clients embrace Intune in both standalone and co-management methods. In this session he’s going to share his real-world experience to help us better understand some of the hurdles as well as the changes in thinking that modern management entails.

Justin Chalfant: 100% live Patch My PC demo

Justin will show how easy extending SCCM to patch and deploy 325+ third-party products can be! Learn how to offload the tedious work of packaging, deploying, and troubleshooting third-party updates in your SCCM environment.

Patch My PC uses the same software update deployment process as Microsoft updates with no additional servers or client agents required! Use ADR’s, Searches, Software Update Groups, Collections, Deployment Packages, and other familiar options for deploying our third-party updates including helpful options like auto-closing apps, running custom pre/post scripts, removing desktop shortcuts, and disabling self-updates!

They are hoping for a bunch of Q&A throughout the demo as well – so bring your questions!


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