CMG Hotness, WVD FTW, and Some EDU Love


It’s been over a year since we last had tacos met as a group of professionals. I’m not going to lie, I taco cheated on all of you. With multiple tacos. I couldn’t go that long. No one should be asked to endure such prolonged abstinence. It’s taken me a while to work through my taco grief but it’s time that we come together and talk tech again. Virtually that is.

April 9 starting around 12:30 we’re going to host our first fully virtual event. Exact technical details to be determined but I’m excited about the speakers we’ve lined up.

Jörgen Nilsson: The CMG Learns New Tricks
When the pandemic hit smart orgs made sure they had a CMG. Each release in 2020 focused on the new WFH reality and along the way the CMG has learned some new tricks. Jörgen is known for being on the top of the Technical Preview game and is going to show us how you can use a CMG to manage Bitlocker, remote control devices, and even bare-metal image them.

Donna Ryan: WVD – FTW or WTF
Windows Virtual Desktop is a new solution that has been quickly gaining attention for its capabilities in allowing application and desktop delivery in work from home scenarios. This session will cover its use cases, prerequisites, and deployment.

Liz Cox: Wait, Microsoft Has an EDU Team Focused on System Management?
Yea, I know! I was today years old when I found out too. Liz is a member of the Microsoft Education product team working on device management for schools via Intune for Education. Liz is going to lay down some truth about what she and her group are trying to do and how they view devices management for EDU.

Again, the technical details (Team, Zoom, Smoke signals) all need to be worked out but for right now SIGN UP HERE.

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