February Meeting: More Powershell, Win 10 FUs, and some Intune Gaps


It’s winter in Michigan which means it’s time to roll the hard six and try to get together again. Friday February 28th: same time (noon), same place (Kent ISD), and probably the same tacos (why the heck not?!)
Here’s what we’ve got lined up:

Cody Mathis: Pressing the Not Suck Button in PowerShell

Working with PowerShell to make sensical functions that can be built into a module. The focus being on how functions can help clean up your code, and how functions can be “linked” together by implementing pipeline support. Pipeline, whatif, error action. Basically the “advanced functions” stuff!

Colin Wilkins: It was a dark and stormy Tuesday night…

The second Tuesday.
In this session, Colin will bring you through discovering and creating remediations and/or mitigations for some common Windows Update and Windows 10 Feature Update failures. Give management the green circle pie/donut charts they (your job) deserve(s).

Paul Winstanley: Intune-Bridging the OnPrem Gap v2.0 – How things are changing

EM MVP Paul Winstanley will be taking a look at the Intune features which are helping admins move their Windows 10 deployments to the cloud. The session will focus on the changes around AutoPilot, security baselines, Win32 apps, encryption and your day to day management tasks.


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