June Meeting: The Best of MMSMOA 2019

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We have managed to strong arm four of Michigan’s own to give us their highlights from the Midwest Management Summit 2019. They will each talk about a small number of sessions that they were particularly excited about and what they plan to do now that they’re back. If you were able to attend come hear about the stuff you missed. If you weren’t there then come get a boat-load of ideas to take back to your organization.

Starting around noon with lunch provided by Recast Software. Bring any questions you have and we’ll stick around afterwards and bandy about ideas as long as people would like.

Cody Mathis: Watch as Cody excites you with tall tales about securing your ConfigMgr environment and how to get real time with ConfigMgr’s new CMPivot and Scripts features.

Donna Ryan: Don’t miss Donna waxing poetically about the new PowerShell Deployment Extension Kit (PSD) and the wild and wonderful world of patching. She will finish things off with a stargazing session into the future of ConfigMgr.

Ryan Hansard: Come let Ryan drop some knowledge on you that’ll get your Windows 10 projects moving as he discusses Windows as a Service and Win 10 customizations.

Jordan Benzing: Jordan’s going to talk about some stuff. Mostly because we’re making him. Something about secure remote administration with Admin Center and PowerShell. It should be fine. That guy really likes PowerShell.

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